5 Factors for Effective Product Packaging

By Kate Easom 2016-06-15 00:00:00

You can have an incredibly product but if the packaging is sup-par there is a strong possibility that it’s not going to be as successful as it could be. Pushing a product to its full potential means taking all the small things into consideration and making choices that prove to be beneficial. Packaging tends to be one of the most important and for good reason; it’s what people see first.


The visual presentation of a product has a strong impact, and can weigh heavily in the positive or negative zone. These are the factors that need to be considered for product packaging:

Kind of Product

This is fairly common sense, but it needs to be mentioned anyway. Consider the kind of product you are packaging and rule out materials that simply won’t work. Also, immediately determine what regulations there are regarding the product and make sure that your decisions fall in line with them.

Size of Product

Another basic yet incredibly important factor, the size of the product you are packaging is going to result in a variety of different choices going one way or another. Consider what you are working with and what the best options are available for putting it in a compact and appealing package design.


Consider the budget that you are working with and the preferred material(s) you have in mind. In some situations you can find great deals by purchasing bulk of a material that would otherwise tend to be more costly.


Take some time to look into this and weigh out how to make the most of your money, but more importantly, the best material for your cause.

Storage Conditions

When you are developing packaging for products try to take into consideration the storage conditions it will be experiencing from 2 different perspectives:

  1. As it’s being shipped to a particular destination.
  2. The storage conditions at a particular destination.

This will help you evaluate what materials will handle best given those two factors. Inside of those factors the hazards to be considered would be things such as:

Packing Materials for Safety

Depending on the item certain precautions may need to be exercised to insure that the item is safe and remains undamaged over the course of time. Sometimes this means the addition of packing materials to insure the product is safe and in tact such as:

By taking these items into consideration it takes a step toward insuring that your product is safe and prevents the possibility of damage.


There are other scenarios when you are dealing with very fragile items such as glass that will require even extra measures. Plan accordingly and make sure that this is well researched.


Packaging is vital to a product being successful and meeting its highest limits of success. Take the time to do it right by considering all the factors above.

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