5 Handy Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Roofing

By admin 2016-08-28 00:00:00

We are all big time worshippers of procrastination. Our stubbornness regarding our working patterns has made our choices majorly inclined towards the stuff which ultimately turns out to be maintenance free. The hunt for tough and durable roofing often ends with the option of choosing metal roofing which indeed makes sense. Although metal roofing is tough and durable, still it requires some periodic maintenance to make sure nothing affects its longevity. Here are 5 ways which will definitely help you maintain your metal roofing:

1. Check The Drainage:

This is probably the first and the most basic thing you need to focus on. Metal roofing system requires proper drainage to ensure the longevity of the roofing. The leaves accumulating on the roofing or the debris from nearby trees hampers the drainage system. Clear off the debris and make sure there are no dents where water could accumulate. Accumulation at a certain spot will gradually affect the metal roofing there and might lead to corrosion.

2. Prevent Damage:

If you have a tree nearby your house, there are greater chances of its branches rubbing against your metal roofing during a windy day. Anything which will make the paint come off is ultimately going to expose your roofing to harsh weather conditions. Clear off all such branches to make sure nothing can be a potential threat to your roofing arrangements.

3. Avoid Foot Traffic:

Although all the metal roofing systems are safe to walk on, you should forbid yourself from doing so. The reason is very simple –just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Testing the strength of your roofing with your buddies might affect its condition in an adverse way.

4. Paint:

Painting your roofing is the second most basic thing you must do. Metals are vulnerable to corrosion and require a layer of paint to shield it from the environmental constraints. A paint especially formulated for metal roofing will last between 5-10 years depending on the weather conditions of the region. Use sealants such as polyvinylidene fluoride to ensure maximum life of your metal roofing. Using sealants is advised because they have good weather resistance capabilities. Contractors like Heather & Little can do wonders with your rusty roof. They can restore the metal roofing in no time with great efficiency.

Make sure the painter doesn’t try spray painting your metal roofing. Spray painting is not reliable when it comes to painting your metal roofing on a windy day. Try using rollers or brushes instead for best results.

5. Ensure Different Metals Are Separated:

This is yet another aspect of maintaining your metal roofing system. The roofing system comprises of different metals fulfilling different purposes at different places. People often fail to understand that there is a phenomenon called electrolytic corrosion that takes place when two metals come in contact with each other in presence of moisture. Arrangements such as copper pipes must not be in contact with the roofing to avoid electrolytic corrosion.

Metal roofing options are the best available choice to you if you don’t want to regularly check upon the roofing. All you need to do is some periodic routine checks and your roofing will stay good as new for decades. Now since you have known the basics of maintaining the metal roofing systems, why haven’t you checked on yours already?


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