Things to Learn from Yahoo Japan’s Integration of Maps with Indoor Navigation System

By admin 2016-06-27 00:00:00

The latest buzz in the Indoor Navigation field is Yahoo! Japan signing a contract with IndoorAtlas, a popular organization offering Indoor Navigation and Indoor Positioning services.

When Yahoo went live with this news, it was positive that this partnership was going to increase the views to their already popular website in Japan. Yahoo! is one of the most frequently used website and search engine in Japan, with Yahoo! Japan generating round 63 billion views per month.

With this collaboration, the smartphone users of Japan are going to find it extremely easy to navigate inside buildings and it is estimated that this application update will reach over 38 million people in Tokyo alone.

The application aims at reducing the complexity of navigating around in Japan railway stations like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo. These busy railway stations are complex with their maze-like structures and commuters are frequently confused as to where the ticket gates and the exit pathways are. The update on Yahoo! Maps which includes geomagnetic indoor positioning systems will revolutionize how people get around indoors, just like how GPS changed the way people navigated outdoors.

Yahoo implemented Indoor navigation because of its scalability, accuracy, ease of deployment and also because of its unique solution which involves using cloud based platforms. This considerably resulted in cost-savings, which is a huge advantage compared to the other solutions offered in the market today.

An interesting thing is that the entire navigation system is based on the way turtles, lobsters and other sea creatures navigate the ocean. The application was tested and found to be accurate with an occasional error of around one or two meters and worked well consistently across all areas in which it has been deployed. Multinational leaders in the development of indoor navigation platforms like Jibestream are working day and night for getting better products in the market.

Yahoo! Japan has its reasons for this improvement. With this update in its already popular map feature, Yahoo! will be able to monetize its indoor navigation features, increasing revenue and e-commerce sales. With this integration, Yahoo! will be able to see a higher rate of success and take its website to a whole new level in Japan. The website already saw a rising 10 million downloads in March this year.

This Indoor Positioning System application will enhance the shopping experience of users, making both the shopkeepers and the customers extremely happy. Targeted marketing and proximity based advertising will increase sales and store-owners have a better chance for attracting customers to their stores.

If a user who is on his way to a railway station and he is likely to miss his train if he follows a particular route because of traffic or other issues, the application will notify him that he is running late and suggest a better, faster and convenient route option. This alternate route can help the user to board his train or flight on time.

With its new features which will help people considerably, Yahoo! will definitely see a rise in its number of users. This application will also give Yahoo! Japan a stronger momentum in the years to come. The integration of two technologies always lead to success and this venture is sure going to be successful as well.


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